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Having “shiny and white teeth” is the global point of view for having a good smile. Many studies are done on this topic for hundreds of years. Teeth whitening application can be done to make people happy, whose teeth are discolored due to environmental factors (drug usage, smoking, insufficient oral care, colored food usage, etc..) genetic factors.
Standart ultrasonic teeth cleaning and surface polishing have to be done before the “Teeth whitening” procedure.


Teeth whitening can be done in two ways;

Office Whitening

  • Gum protection gel is applied first.
  • The whitening gel is applied to the teeth surface.
  • The whitening gel is refreshed every 15 minutes. (applied 3 times)
  • The special light application can be done to upgrade the effect of the whitening gel.
  • The session is finished in about 45-60 minutes.

Home Whitening

  • Impression of teeth is taken to produce a model of jaws.
  • A special guard is produced in a laboratory.
  • Demonstration of the usage of the guard and whitening gel is done for the patient.
  • The whitening gel is applied to guard and fitted on teeth. The patient can have the chance to apply the guard whenever he/she wants.
  • Teeth has to be brushed as well as the guard, after usage of 120 miutes.
  • Perfect whitening is successed after application of guard continuously 3 days (120 minutes per day)

NOTE: Colored food/drinks are not supposed to be used for 2 days.

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